Tax Hike Fever: Obama is 'Arresting the Victim After He's Been Mugged'

-By Warner Todd Huston

Steve Everley has a piece at that is one of those “of course they are” moments. As we all know, White House Chief of Staff claimed that he and his comrades would never let a good crisis go to waste and Everley reminds us that the BP oil spill is just another “crisis” to be used as an excuse to raise taxes as far as Democrats are concerned.

Naturally, the BP spill serves as a “reason” for Obama to try and impose new energy taxes that will help further crush our economy into the dust. “By their economic logic,” Everley says, “an accident that is already costing jobs and millions of dollars of economic losses in the Gulf requires imposing more taxes that will cost even more jobs and billions of more dollars in economic losses in both the Gulf and across the country.”

In a clever turn of phrase, Everley says that Obama’s big tax hiking plans is “tantamount to arresting the victim after he was mugged.” Sad but true, sad but true.

As Everley details all the bandwagon jumping of the left-wingers in Congress are perpetrating, he reveals the illogic of congressional Democrats. And Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is not amused.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, whose state is the most impacted from the Gulf oil spill, rejects the “exploit a crisis” push for higher costs and less energy, both cornerstones of the Kerry-Lieberman energy tax. Jindal recently pointed out that the knee-jerk decision to restrict deepwater oil and gas drilling could destroy as many as 20,000 jobs in Louisiana alone.

Everley is right on when he says that we are getting mugged by the authorities after our victimhood has been thoroughly established.

Take a quick click over to Everley’s column and see all the horrible details of the Democrat’s plans to further destroy our economy.

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