Stroger Serves Up a Tasty Double-Dip Doles Out County Job to Crony State Representative

From Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica…

The Cook County Board failed to override Todd Stroger’s veto of the board’s hiring freeze.
So it appears Todd is going to continue to thumb his nose at the taxpayers by hiring cronies for sweetheart, taxpayer-funded county jobs.

The latest is Todd’s friend, State Rep. Art Turner. You see, he makes more than $87,000 per year as a state legislator.

But now, thanks to Todd, Turner will also make a $110,575 salary as the director of the county’s President’s Office of Employment and Training (POET).

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Turner will be taking the reins of a program that already has been beset by scandal, including being the target of criminal investigations in recent years.

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Thank you for continued support. I am proud to continue fighting for you as Cook County Commissioner.

Commissioner Tony Peraica

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