Steve Rauschenberger Officially Launches Bid for 22nd District State Senate Seat

-By Warner Todd Huston

Steve Rauschengerger held the State Senate seat of the 22nd District for many years until he bowed out to make a run for Governor in 2006. Since that time Rauschenberger imagined that he had hung up his political hat, never to run again. That was until the current General Assembly retired for the Summer without a final budget. It was then that he knew he had to run again.

“This is the worst situation in Springfield I can ever imagine,” Rauschenberger said after his kickoff address to a crowd of about 75 people in his Elgin campaign office on Douglas Avenue. The Chicago-based leadership “felt politics were more important” than coming up with a balanced budget, Rauschenberger said.

“There are 48 other states that have a balanced budget,” Rauschenberger said, noting that the only other state in as dire a situation as Illinois is California, which has a $16 billion budget deficit.

Good luck to Mr. Rauschenberger.

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