Revealing Audio From Blago Trial -- Obama Admin. Joins Blago's Fire Sale

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Illinois State House News service has some very revealing audio from the Rod Blagojevich trial from the June 23 court sessions. It shows Blago’s scheming to get some payback for his ability to appoint someone to fill Obama’s vacated Senate seat. It also shows the Obama administration’s complicity in the whole mess.

WARNING: The “F” word is liberally thrown around in this tape of Blago, so be warned.

It is some very, very interesting audio, is it not?

On the Blago trial, some have asked me why I am not covering it much here. For one thing it’s all so ho hum. It is not surprising to find a Democrat as criminally minded as Blago. Most of all, everyone knew he was a creep. But secondly, there isn’t a Chicago Democrat that acts any differently! The whole trial is just nothing that shocks me. It all just doesn’t interest me because it is a foregone conclusion. Blago is a crook and so is his party. Boooooring.

The sad fact is, I just can’t get myself ginned up to cover this thing. It is all nothing out of the ordinary for Illinois’ criminal Democrats.

This tape, though, does show that the Chicago Way extends into the White House, so it was worth posting.

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