Rahm Emanuel: Another Tax Avoiding Obama Appointee

-By Warner Todd Huston

I am beginning to think that our tax collecting agencies across the country send out a form letter to everyone that is in arrears with their taxes to immediately apply for a job in Barack “Most Ethical Administration in Decades” Obama’s administration. Here we have another Obama lieutenant that didn’t pay his taxes until someone began to inquire after them.

This time it’s Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff, who decided that he was far, far important to be expected to pay his property taxes here in Chicago. Emanuel suddenly remembered to pay his taxes — three months late — right after WBBM Newsradio 780AM began to investigate the story.

Emanuel owed $7,400 for his late property taxes on his Ravenswood home and paid $445.56 in penalties once WBBM began to look into the story.

One has to wonder how many more weeks… months… years… the Emanuel’s would have gone scofflawing their property taxes if it weren’t for WBBM radio looking into them?

If Emanuel is anything like many other Obama administration tax avoiders it would likely have been years.

And, isn’t it amusing that these guys only pay their taxes once some one investigates their refusal to pay taxes and threatens to publicize it all?


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  • F#ck Rahmbo!!!
    My prayer is that he takes the fall in the Blago trial.
    It couldn't happen to a better prick.

    I just LOVE how taxes don't apply to the wealthy and powerful....as we in the middle are being squeezed past the breaking point.
    Congrats to WBBM for actually doing some INVESTIGATIVE reporting when so many others in the media won't.

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