Pro-Law Breaker Web Site Posts Ill. Minuteman Project Director's Home Address

-By Warner Todd Huston

In an example of the most extreme left-wing tactics, a website that supports illegal immigration has publicized the home address of the Director of the Illinois Minuteman Project, Rosanna Pulido. Apparently this website intends to try and harass Pulido at her home, a tactic that we recently saw from thug union members protesting in front of the private residence of an east coast banker and terrorizing his son.

The website called South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action is ostensibly an offshoot of a national group called Anti-Racist Action (ARA), a group originally dedicated in the 1980s to fighting neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Unfortunately, ARA long ago drifted away from merely being anti-Nazi and is now just another left-wing, anti-American group of outliers interested in a purely subversive, left-wing ideology and the Chicago website is a perfect example of such. Now the ARA supports radical abortion policies, pro-illegal immigration, open borders, the radical gay agenda and any manner of far left ideologies. Under the guise of being “anti-fascism” the ARA also stands against America’s multiplicity of police forces regardless of their individual actions. Like the simple-minded children that they are, the ARA posits that ALL police are bad and all are an example of “fascism” simply because they exist.

As is evident with the Chicago site attacking the Illinois Director of the Minutemen, ARA groups have a new cause: supporting illegal immigrants. In their left-wing, child-like notions anyone that supports American sovereignty and controlled borders as well as lawful immigration and labor laws, well, they are “fascists” that need to be exposed. Minuteman Director Pulido has been an outspoken supporter of the Arizona anti-illegal immigrant law and this has been enough for the left-wingers of ARA Chicago to attack her and publish her home address.

Naturally the ARA Chicago site talks about Pulido’s “history of anti-immigrant activism.” This is, of course, a blatant lie. Rosanna Pulido is not “anti-immigrant.” She is against law-breakers, against criminals coming into America illegally, and against illegal immigration, she is not against “immigrants.” Pulido cannot be quoted as being against immigration, only unlawful immigration. But this is a distinction that extremist left-wingers like the folks at ARA don’t seem to have the mental capacity to process. As the old saying goes, “what part of ‘illegal’ don’t you understand?”

There is an interesting dichotomy in the Chicago ARA website, too. Like all leftists they are hypocrites. The site take pains to publicize the names and home addresses of its enemies but curiously enough there isn’t a contact name, address or Chicago ARA member willing to face the world proudly identified like he does his enemies. The site is entirely anonymous in character as far as its creators go. Hypocrites. One would think that they’d be proud of their ARA membership, yet not a single member is identified by name.

All one can find on the website is an anonymous email address. ARA Chicago can be contacted at, if you’d like to drop them a note. Remember, that’s to contact the South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action folks.

In fact, the very logo on the site is a perfect example of the sort of hypocritical actions in which these sort of left-wingers wallow. It is a masked man holding a slingshot. So, this group that is supposedly against “fascism,” and for openness and freedom has a logo of a masked man committing violence!

Yep, that’s the hypocritical, hatemongering, violent left that I know.

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