Politico: Five Questions for Mark Kirk

-By Warner Todd Huston

Mark Kirk has really made himself look foolish and if he loses this election it will be because of his ridiculous missteps on his biography. Why he felt the need to overstate his bio is anybody’s guess, but he did it. And not just once but at least five times. Politico details the bio inflation Kirk has perpetrated in a new piece headlined “Five questions for Mark Kirk .”

They say that Kirk was “once a favorite,” intimating that his stock has dropped. That is essentially true, but in my estimation Kirk has plenty of time to get past this if he handles it right and I think he’s still the favorite even with this foolishness because Alexi “the Mob Banker” Giannoulias has equally problematic bio problems — not the least of which was the $20 million that he and his bank lent to two known mobsters that never paid back the loan.

Politico presents five questions that they feel that Kirk must answer in a straightforward manner or expect to lose credibility as a candidate.

Among the five they ask why Kirk’s bio was not corrected even after the Navy notified him about discrepancies? Also they ask Kirk why he fudged his “teaching” record and why he has been ducking the press for the last few weeks?

Politico has some pertinent questions for Mark Kirk, for sure. I hope he answers them credibly.

Yet, while Kirk certainly has a lot to answer to, I wonder if Politico is going to focus on Democrat Giannoulias with equal fervor? After all, Giannoulias has lied about boards he’s supposedly served on and he has a lot to answer for in his role as a failed banker with the family bank that had to close its doors over shoddy lending practices.

Needless to say this election might be interesting, but for a serious conservative it is a travesty. It’s bad enough that Kirk is a 45 percenter (he votes with the GOP about45% of the time) but he is also a serial biography puffer!


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  • Kirk has been trying to avoid the press since he started this race. He's barely spoken to them at all since news of his resume lies has come to light. Lynn Sweet reported on Kirk's "hide-and-seek" game in the Sun Times yesterday.


    So Politico probably figured if Kirk was going to finally answer questions, they'd better get in as many as possible as quickly as possible before Kirk decides to clam up again.

    I have no time to check, but my guess is that Giannoulias has been a little more accessible to the press, so reporters don't have to make up long lists of questions fearing that they won't have another chance to meet the candidate.

  • In reply to CrazyLiberal:

    I think I agree with you there, for sure.

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