Our 'Unions are Bad for America' Theme is Resonating

-By Warner Todd Huston

For those of you that have come to the blog often, there is a constant theme: unions are antithetical to good government. We’ve been saying this here for years, of course, but over this campaign season I think that meme is beginning to gain real traction because stories echoing this sentiment are everywhere these days.

Jay Ambrose has another such piece at Real Clear Politics this weekend.

Ambrose says that public employee unions are bankrupting both the state treasuries and the federal government so that their “members can live much better on average than those of us in the private sector.”

Spot on.

Ambrose gives us an example of the sort of outrage of which he speaks.

To get a better idea of how this works, meet Hugo Tassone, a Yonkers police officer who retired three years ago at age 44 earning a salary of $74,000 a year. Now receiving an annual pension of $101,333, he raised the amount to that sum by working scads of overtime in his last year on the job, it’s reported.

Unfortunately, Hugo Tassone is not at all uncommon. There are Tassones throughout our governments at all levels.

Ambrose has some other great points in his piece, too. Do click on over to Real Clear Politics and give it a read.

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