Lake County: Another Fake Republican Running in Local Race?

-By Warner Todd Huston

These are the kinds of underhanded games played on voters that really make me despair that the is a single honest Democrat in the world — or maybe even a single honest politician in general. Nancy Thorner writes of the fake candidacy one Mike Clark in the 58th State Rep. District which is mostly in Lake County, Ill.

As it happens Clark’s original filing papers identify him as a Democrat as well as a resident of Cook County, yet he’s running as a Republican/independent. Thorner surmises that Clark is just another one of those dirty tricks, another one of those oh-so-common Democrat fake candidates foisted on voters to confuse them and to get them to split up the vote in order to help a particular candidate.

In this case, the Democrats want the Republicans to split their votes between fake candidate Clark and legitimate Republican candidate Lauren Turelli — who ran unopposed in the GOP Primary — so that incumbent Democrat Karen May will again win in November.

Why is it that Democrats can’t just proudly present their candidate to the voters and trust to the voters to make the best choice. Democrats can’t seem to ever run an election without the underhanded tactics and to me it sort of proves that they don’t really think their party and candidates are good for the people. If they have to play these un-American games, it is plain that they don’t really have confidence that they are doing right by the voters with their official candidates.

If you have some time, check out 58th District candidate Lauren Turelli at her website: and do donate to her campaign.

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