In 2009 Video Blago Said Prosecutors Wanted 'Sh*t on Obama'

-By Warner Todd Huston

Back in 2009 a video compilation of clips of impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was posted on YouTube. Today folks are realizing that this video features Blago claiming that the reason prosecutors went after him was to get information on President Obama.

On the video made at a book signing party at Columbia College, Blago is seen saying the following:

“…part of what they wanted was shit on Obama. They lock you up. They do this shock and awe bullshit. They arrest everybody ok, and then they sit you down and say ‘you are a nice guy. We want to work with you. What can you tell us about Obama.'”

(Caution, language warning)

So, now Blagojevich is claiming that the reason prosecutors came after him is because they somehow wanted to attack Barack Obama? And, what, he was standing up like a dutiful soldier to protect the president?

Give me a break. This guy will say anything to try and shift the light of truth away from his actions and onto his multiple conspiracy theories.

The original video was made by WeAreChangeChicago, but be warned the WeAreChange guys are truthers and conspiracy nuts. It wouldn’t surprise me if these guys are also anti-Jew, pro-Hammas types, too. But whatever they are, they get some interesting video. Back in 2009 they took after Al Gore on his inconvenient lies.

(H/T Newsalert)

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