Ill. Senate Race: Accusations Fly About Niecestro's Republican 'Flake'

-By Warner Todd Huston

(New info updated at the end of the post)

Doug Ibendahl of RepublicanNewsWatch has named the “flake” operative that Senate candidate wannabe Mike Niecestro claimed screwed him out of enough signatures to file his independent candidacy papers this week. Ibendahl claims it was none other than former comptroller candidate William Kelly. I spoke to Kelly today about the accusations.

Mr. Kelly says that Niecestro’s claims that his whole independent bid fell apart because of Kelly’s failure to come through with the promised signatures is puzzling. “He didn’t even give me the final go ahead to do it until five days before the filing date,” Kelly told me.

Five days to get 25,000 signatures is not feasible, for sure.

Worse, Kelly says that Niecestro told him that he already had enough signatures to file and that Kelly’s efforts were to just “pad out the amount.” It should be remembered that only two weeks ago Niecestro was claiming that he had enough signatures to file as Crain’s Greg Hintz reported. Yet as the filing date came and went, Niecestro was no where to be seen.

As we reported, after the filing date passed and he failed to file his petitions, Niecestro then told ABC 7’s Charles Thomas that a well-known “flake” screwed him out of the signatures.

In the end, it does not matter what William Kelly did or didn’t do, it doesn’t matter what Ibendahl has or hasn’t said, what matters is that Mike Niecestro claimed to reporters that he already had the signatures, then it turned out he didn’t have them, he didn’t even file his candidacy, and then proceeded to bad mouth people in the media.

Niecestro is certainly an amateur in Illinois politics and that could be seen as a plus for his candidacy. But all this foolishness and his ultimate failure to even file proves that he has no capability to organize a campaign. It proves that his basic competence is highly questionable.

If Mike Niecestro intends to run a credible campaign, he better get serious next time… if there even is a next time.


From Kelly is proof that Niecestro gave Bill a check for $10,000 to help get signatures but, as is seen by the date on the check, it was under two weeks before the filing date, making that task virtually impossible for Kelly to fulfill. (see image of check HERE)

Then, Niecestro canceled the check anyway, reneging on the whole deal.

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