For The Good Of Illinois: Grand Relaunch

From For The Good Of Illinois….

The wait is over! Today, For the Good Of Illinois is officially relaunching!

We’re excited to announce the return of a legendary hero to champion limited, accountable and transparent government in Illinois.

A culture of corruption fueled by failed political parties, patronage armies and gerrymandered political fiefdoms threatens to crush the spirit of our once great state.

While media, think tanks and advocacy groups focus their attention on Washington, the citizens of Illinois are left feeling as if they cannot fight city hall and that they are at the mercy of the political machines content on managing and profiting from the state’s demise.

You have stepped forward, stood up, and emerged with a rekindled sense of purpose. You, and thousands like you working to save Illinois, are not only altering its course, but changing it forever.

Illinois’ transformation will not happen over night and it won’t happen by the hand of any one man or one woman–but by the united actions of all of us. We must engage, educate and empower each other to return Illinois to a government of, by, and for the people.

“Hero” was not a moniker giants of Democracy were clutching at birth. Instead, it was an opportunity they embraced in a moment that needed truth–an opportunity that waits for each one of us to seize. The moment we activate our heroism, we open the door for others to stand with us.

The need has never been greater. The people of Illinois have never been more willing.

Who is this legend returning to herald a new day in Illinois? Your first clue is here.

Will you stand with him? Will you stand with us?

Together, we’re making history.

Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good Of Illinois

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