Cook County Commissioner Timothy Schneider, Update

From the office of Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider (15th District)…

Schneider Votes No On Red Light Cameras:

This Tuesday, the Cook County Board voted to authorize the use of red light cameras at 30 different intersections in Cook County (9 of which will be located in Schaumburg and Elk Grove). Sadly, this is just another way for Cook County to fleece it’s taxpayers, and is exactly why I voted no. Red light cameras are all about revenue for the county and less about public safety for it’s citizens.

A 2004 Texas Transportation Institute study showed that by simple extending the duration of yellow lights, there was an 80% reduction in red light violations. If public safety was the primary motivator for red light cameras, why wasn’t a similar study conducted in Cook County before the Board decided to start picking our pockets. Unfortunately, this is yet another example of fueling a bloated and inefficient government and shamelessly using public safety as an excuse. The Board needs to start giving the red light to “get rich quick” schemes such as these.

Timothy O. Schneider
Cook County Commissioner
District 15 – Bartlett, Illinois

Cook County Sales Tax Repeal Update
I have always been opposed to the Cook County sales tax increase. I have voted against the sales tax increase and have led the charge to repeal this increase. Unfortunately the last attempt to repeal the sales tax failed. I will continue to support any efforts to repeal this tax. There was a recent article in the Daily Herald about this issue, in case you missed it you can view the article here.

Cook County Forest Preserve
This Thursday, I had the honor of joining officials from the Cook County Forest Preserve in dedicating Shoe Factory Woods in honor of the late Cook County Commissioner Carl Hansen. Commissioner Hansen served the people of Cook County for 36 years, and was passionate about the preservation of the County’s expansive forest preserves.

Family Fun at the Zoo
The Chicago Brookfield Zoo recently opened “The Great Bear Wilderness”. This exhibit offers a National Park-like experience, allowing you and your family to encounter numerous North American animal and plant species. More information about the exhibit can be found at the Zoo’s site. Click here to visit their site.

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