City News Poll Shows Hayes Tops Jackson With Voters

From the Hayes for Congress campaign (2nd District)…

From City News:

Republican Candidate for 2nd District Congress Isaac Hayes is gaining ground on his opponent Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and polls are showing that Jackson’s image as being connected to former indicted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is hurting the son of the nation’s number one civil rights leader, Jesse Jackson Sr.

Hayes is viewed, according to recently conducted telephone and paper City News poll as the ‘honest one” while those polled had questions about the nature of Congressman Jackson’s role in the alleged attempts to sell and buy the U.S. Senate seat of former U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

Some polled believed Congressman Jackson’s reputation is in question as a result of tapes revealed during the Blagojevich criminal trial.

Those polled, 56% said they felt Congressman Jackson had failed to properly represent the voters of the 2 nd District and 78% of those polled checked a poll question that asked if they believed Congressman Jackson’s voting record reflected a disconnect with the majority of African American residents of the 2nd District.

Those polled also, by a margin of 2 to 1 indicated that they did not trust Congressman Jackson and by a majority those polled said they believed Congressman Jackson’s voting record was more in line with those of interests outside the 2 nd District.

Asked if they felt candidate Hayes would be more representative of the views and objectives of 2 nd District residents, poll respondents by a four to one majority said yes.

Asked if they felt Congressman Jackson had told the truth about his involvement in efforts to purchase the U.S. Senate Seat formerly held by President Barack Obams, 79% said they did not believe Congressman Jackson had been truthful.

By James H. Taylor Sr.
The Kankakee City News
Established July 2, 1972

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