Chicago Police Chief Struggles to Justify Daley Gun Ban

-By Warner Todd Huston

Mick Dumke of the Chicago Reader had an interesting report on a recent press conference held by Chicago’s Police Chief, Jody Weis. Dumke said that during the presser Weis struggled to “explain how the gun ban is working” for Chicago. In other words, Weis was at a loss to prove that Daley’s unconstitutional actions are working to make the city safer.

According to Dumke the conference went from discussions of how Weis has taken “3,513 weapons” off the streets, that they are using “analytics” to determine where the crime hotspots are in the city, moving on to the claim that the city has a lower over all crime rating, yet to the ultimate fact that even with all this the death toll is still higher than other cities. “Homicides continue to challenge us,” Weis said.

How one goes from claiming that the Mayor’s gun ban is effective yet the murder rate is still so high is anybody’s guess. And that is just the thing, isn’t it? Assaults are up 2.4 percent over last year. Obviously the supposed gun ban is not effective at all if it were this murder rate would be nonexistent.

But, Weis is in an untenable position, we all know. Here he is forced to try and play the happy mouth piece for his political patron something he knows darn well is impossible to justify. But that’s politics, isn’t it? It isn’t about police work or the safety of the people of Chicago, it’s about covering for his boss’s bad political plans.

It’s a pretty shameful display of politics a usual.

Naturally, Weis is stuck trying to shore up Daley’s unconstitutional gun grab because the city soon faces a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that might invalidate the its gun banning policies.

So, instead of dealing with the failures honestly, Weis has to do a humiliating tap dance in front of the press.

Yep, politics as usual.


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  • Mr. Weis, GROW A PAIR! Get onto television, call the newspapers, and tell the citizens of your city the TRUTH, and work to ARM law-abiding citizens. Stop lying to yourself! you KNOW that in all cities where citizens enjoy their 2nd Amendment RIGHT to Keep AND bear arms, there are no crime stats anywhere NEAR those of Chicago. Mr. Daley's silly fear of handguns is KILLING people every single day. Look it up :"Hoplophobe." That is what he is suffering from, a FEAR of guns.

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