Arizona Illegal Immigrant Law Fosters Wife Beating, or Something...

-By Warner Todd Huston

Want to hear the latest idiocy against the Arizona anti-illegal immigrant law dreamed up by open-border advocates and illegal alien supporters? Well, try this on for size: Arizona’s SB 1070 helps men beat their wives and girlfriends.

No, really. That is their argument.

A national organization called Legal Momentum has asked a federal court to block implementation of Arizona’s SB 1070 because they feel that immigrant women will be afraid to report abuse for fear of being deported.

“This law is a disaster for women, for families, and for the communities it purports to protect. Most unsettling is how the law increases immigrant women’s vulnerability to violence, exploitation and sexual assault, and basically gives opportunistic perpetrators a free pass for their crimes – as long as they pick immigrant victims.”

This is, of course, a complete fabrication. SB 1070 would not affect a women going into a police station to report abuse. The officers would have no reason to cite 1070 in such a case as the law only kicks in when a suspect is being arrested or is under some other suspicion. Officers would have no real reason to use 1070 against a victim of abuse whether she’s an illegal or not.

State Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, disputed both points, saying SB 1070 says police don’t have to ask about legal status if that would “hinder or obstruct an investigation. “We made it clear we left it up to officer discretion . . . for unique situations,” he said.

But forgotten in the whole argument as pushed by Legal Momentum is that these supposed cases of abuse would not be happening at all if illegals were not here in the first place!

Meanwhile, a new Washington Post-ABC poll shows that most Americans support Arizona in its attempt to protect its citizens with 1070. The poll finds that 58 percent of respondents support the Arizona law. And remember, this is a poll conducted by two very liberal agencies, the Post and ABC News. Imagine what an unbiased pollster would find!

With this newest faux reason to attack Arizona, we see the left getting desperate. But even with their full press assault against Arizona, more Americans still stand behind the Grand Canyon State’s efforts to ensure the integrity of its laws and borders.

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