2-Inch-Tall Army Soldiers Gets School Kid Reprimanded

-By Warner Todd Huston

A policy of no tolerance for weapons got an 8-year-old boy in trouble at his Rhode Island grade school this week. The boy brought in nearly a dozen M-14 Army rifles to his Tiogue School in Coventry, R.I. grade school and was chastised by the principal for the outrage.

How did he get all those assault rifles into the school you might ask? Why he did it by gluing seven or so of his 2-inch-tall green army soldier toys to his camo colored ball cap for “make a crazy hat” day at school. That’s right, a few green army man toys were enough to trip the poor child up in this foolish school’s “no weapons” policy. (Photo credit, WPRI.com)

Seriously. No weapons includes 2-inch-tall army soldier toys holding teeny, tiny representations of army rifles. 2-inch-tall army soldier toys are enough to get a kid sent in shame to the principal’s office and threatened with sterner action.

This is the sort of stupidity that makes adults look like utter morons and Kenneth DiPietro, superintendent of Coventry Public Schools, made himself look like a prime time ass by attacking this kid over a school project to “make a crazy hat.”

Now, after looking like a complete fool, here is what DiPietro told reporters:

DiPietro said the school hopes to learn from this incident and spend time deciding whether there should be a different strategy for handling such issues in the future.

Well, now this twerp sounds just like President Obama. All about blue-ribbon commissions, strategies, and new ways of “handling issues,” but still doing the stupid stuff, anyway. And all this “learning from the incident” after the stupidity is on full display for everyone to see and after the damage has already been done. This genius is a fine, fine example of the idiocy of leftist “thinking,” isn’t he?

I wonder when Kenneth DiPietro will come out with a press release blaming Bush for this whole sorry affair?

Anyway, now we have to be sure to understand that 8-year-olds aren’t allowed to be proud of America’s armed forces, proud enough to want to use their likeness for “make a crazy hat” day in our schools. And this at a time when thousands of our men and women in uniform are daily in harm’s way.


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