Why are the Collar Counties Going GOP? Fiscal Responsibility

-By Warner Todd Huston

Over at Chicago’s NBC blog The Ward Room, Edward McClelland posits that the reason both Mark Kirk and Bill Brady are winning in current polls in the collar counties — those counties surrounding Cook, Chicago’s home — is because Quinn can’t balance a budget and Giannoulias was a failed banker. It’s about fiscal responsibility, says McClelland.

McClelland quotes a poll from the extremist left-winger website the Daily Kos that finds that Republican Kirk leads Democrat Giannoulias 41-38 in the hunt for Obama’s old Senate seat. Anecdotally interesting, yes. Proof of actual numbers, I’m not so sure. There is little of any worth to anything on the Daily Kos, but if even that wholly slanted website is showing Giannoulias down one might take that as a sign that it is true that Kirk is leading at this time.

In any case, McClelland makes some pretty good points on how the collar counties fade from the Democrat Party when its leaders spend like drunken sailors. He makes a pretty good argument, too.

But, one thing strikes me here (McClelland didn’t say it, though). Doesn’t this seem to show that Americans are generally conservative? After all, when the Democrats seem more centrist and conservative they get votes. The more leftward they go the more votes they lose even in blue, blue Illinois!

It is the only benefit of having one of the most socialist administrations in history backed up by two of the most left-wing Democrat leaders (Pelosi/Reid) since the era of FDR. Whenever Americans get a good, clear look at what Democrats really want, people recoil in horror and vote Republican. All the more reason why Republicans should NOT go left to meet Democrats.

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