What's Cut from Obama's West Point Speech Says Much About Him

-By Warner Todd Huston

Drudge has an interesting little snippet concerning President Obama’s recent speech before the graduating class at West Point. It is a short headline about what was cut from Obama’s speech, a cut that really says a lot about the arrogance of team Obama as well as his utter lack of spontaneity and sincerity and his slavish reliance on the teleprompter.

Here’s the little snippet on Drudge:

Tepid applause from cadets: Cuts ‘That’s a lot of cheering’ line from prepared remarks…

So let’s let this straight. Obama actually had written into his speech ahead of time that there was to be “a lot of cheering”? This man who campaigned against the work of these soldiers to be, this man from a party that has called these soldiers murderers, criminals, dullards, and dangerous, these folks were expected to give this president “a lot of cheering”? Obama really expected a lot of cheering from folks he and his party hate so much?

There’s a break from sanity in the Obama White House, for sure.

But not only was it arrogant of Obama to expect “a lot of cheering” from people he hates and has treated like dirt, that it was actually written into the speech at all shows that he can’t even come up with a spontaneous line without the teleprompters telling him to say it.

Finally the fact that he had to cut it and forgo saying it because there simply wasn’t “a lot of cheering” says that these soldiers to be aren’t as stupid as the left imagines they are. These young men and women clearly understood that Barack Obama and his party are not friends to our armed forces. They applauded dutifully for their commander-in-chief, but they were not enthusiastic. Fully the correct response.

So, if what Drudge reported is true (and there is a chance it isn’t, granted) this little factoid says an awful lot about this Carter redux we have in office today. And none of it is good.

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  • We have to remember that the GOOPERs all got excited when an AWOL drunk who cowered in a bunker on the night of 9/11 dressed up like a fighter pilot to claim "Mission Accomplished" on a aircraft carrier.

    Let us not forget that the same GOOPER cowards cheered this AWOL drunk when he surrendered to Osama bin Laden's key demand and withdrew US troops form Saudia Arabia.

    Yes, a man is best judged by his enemies. Anyone should be honored to have the likes of Drudge and Limbaugh against them.

  • In reply to barryx:

    Nice left-wing lies and talking points. Say it again, this time with feeling.

  • In reply to barryx:

    Will do.

    George W. Bush cowered in a bunker on the night of 9/11

    George Bush dressed up like a fighter pilot and proclaimed "Mission Accomplished"

    Osama bin Laden's key demand: Withdrawal of US troops from Saudia Arabia

    George W. Bush acceeded to those demands by August 2003

    The first US Surrender to a foreign diktat since Corregidor.

    Hey, but Drudge and Rush liked the guy so he must be all right!

  • In reply to barryx:

    Now that is some funny stuff. You really are out there, ain't cha? Now, tell me all about "the Joooze" and "the Builderbergers"... maybe they are all controlled by the lizard aliens from Alpha Centari?

  • In reply to barryx:

    Wow! This 'guy' doesn't know that George Bush withdrew US troops from Saudia Arabia in 2003!

    This 'guy' thinks it is some conspiracy theory that maintains Osama bin Laden had made withdrawl of US troops from Saudia Arabia as his prime demand since August 1990!

    This 'guy' thinks it is some deep dark conspiracy theory that Geroge w. Bush dressed up as fighter pilot!

    Hey, he probably thinks John Paul Jones never said 'I have not yet begun to fight' or that Gen. McCaullife responded "NUTS!" to a German surrender diktat!

    No, if it doesn't appear on Drudge or mentioned by that obese impotent draft dodger Limbaugh, it must be a conspiracy theory!

    Hey, call me old fashioned, but I think surrendering to foreign diktats is wrong. What can I say, Drudge, Rush and Publius all disagree with me.

  • In reply to barryx:

    Call you "old fashioned"? No, I think "mentally disturbed" is closer to the truth.

  • In reply to barryx:

    I couldn't have said it any better. I think surrendering to Osama bin Laden's diktat was an act of cowardice and you think anyone who stands up for the USA is mentally disturbed.

  • In reply to barryx:

    You should see a mental health expert. You are in dire need of help.

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