Troubles Mount for Walsh Campaign (R, 8th District) -- Walsh MUST Step down NOW!

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last December Joe Walsh, the primary winner for the GOP nomination for the 8th District Congressional seat, lost his campaign manager Keith Liscio. Liscio quit the Walsh campaign over unpaid consulting fees adding up into the thousands. Now two more top campaign operatives are quitting Walsh’s campaign adding to worries of financial problems, missed filing dates for federal paper work, and other questions of Walsh’s suitability for office.

Richard Cape and Ted Livengood, the campaign manager and field director respectively, have announced that they are quitting the Walsh campaign. In a recent email to supporters and media both the pair have also said they no longer endorse his candidacy. In the email are listed quite a few questions that have come to trouble Cape and Livengood about candidate Walsh.

As to the Liscio case, Walsh denied he owed Liscio any back payments (see here and here). But as to the multiple questions that Cape and Livengood have issued, no response has come from Walsh as of yet.

I have to say that when Mr. Walsh was running in the primary I was quite wary of him. I had many questions that troubled me, some of which are now echoed by Cape and Livengood. (See my original worries here)

For their part the recently vacating campaign staffers have publicly apologized for supporting Joe Walsh for Congress and urge voters to carefully re-assess their own support.

We would like to thank you for all of your hard work, but would also like to apologize to you at the same time. At 10:30 AM this morning a letter was sent to Joe Walsh from us asking him to step down and drop out of the race. We had been lied to and deceived enough by Joe. We had to go public and announce our resignation from the campaign shortly following his choice to stay in the race. We came to this conclusion after doing some intense investigations into the lies that Joe had told us since October. Again we would like to apologize for unintentionally misleading supporters and voters throughout the primary process. If we would have known who the true Joe Walsh was, we never would have supported him. Don’t make the same mistake we made. Make sure you always question your candidate thoroughly.

Among the questions they urge Walsh’s continued supporters to ask are the following:

  • Ask about his drivers license and insurance (If it has ever been suspended)
  • Ask him about his taxes (If he owes the IRS)
  • Ask him about his questionable fundraising and accounting (If he ever bounced checks)
  • Ask him if he ever inflated his donations in his FEC filings to make himself appear to have more money then he actually raised.
  • Ask him if he ever handled a firearm in his life (Why he was anti gun in his past races)
  • Ask him what his opinion is of Obama and then why he would hire an ex Obama intern to be his Press Secretary.
  • Ask him if he has ever been evicted from his residency.
  • Ask him if he has ever had any court judgments or leans against him.
  • Ask him where the $28,000 he loaned his campaign came from after only making $41,000 last year and $25,000 the year before.(And ask him about his taxes again)

At this point, I am going to have to suspend my own efforts to re-post Walsh’s press releases. Once he won the primary, I was ready enough to swallow my concerns for the good of the party simply because he won the contest, but now there is simply too much damage done to his candidacy. He must be considered damaged goods at this point.

Here I must ask for Joe Walsh to step down while there is still time for another GOP candidate to try and run a credible campaign. For Walsh there are just too many messy questions. After all, how can a guy that is losing condos and having financial troubles really afford to float the costs of living quarters in both Washington D.C. and his home district like he’ll be required to do? And that is quite aside from all these staffers that feel he has misled them on multiple fronts. For the good of the Republican Party, Walsh should step down from his nomination and I call on GOP Chairman Pat Brady to step in here.


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  • Mr. Warner Todd Huston

    If you are going to attempt to ridicule someone with financial might as well include 50% of the population, the likes of GM, Chrysler, the majority of our municipalities, states, and last, but not least...our Federal Government.

    Melissa Bean is a "fiscal conservative" PHONY and that is why she is hiding from her constituents. The process of correcting the damage that BEAN and O'BAMA have created will commence once she is voted out of office.

    This is getting to be entertaining reading from the same group of FORMER supporters of losing candidates, or former disgruntled amateur campaign workers who QUIT Republican Congressional Candidate Joe Walsh's campaign, the minute the campaign hit some turbulence. They even went so far as to STAGE a phony news event with FOXNews present that backfired on them and are now barred from future Republican campaigns.

    I applaud those that respect our constitution and understand what WE THE PEOPLE means, and not WE THE PARTY in determining who decides to represents us.

    Illinois Governor Pat Quinn APPOINTED liberal Lt. Gubernatorial candidate Simon vs. African American Art Turner who came in second in the primary.

    Chicago Mayor Richard Daley was even recently heard on a local radio station as saying , "Like anything else, there's only one winner for the lieutenant governor's position, and that's Turner, Art Turner, he won second," he also told reporters after a recent City Council meeting. "If you run for public office and the person drops out before the election or even after the election, the person who was second moves automatically up. If you forfeit a game, you win the game."

    The African American community, as well as all Americans who believe in our Democratic process, should be completely outraged!


    Our country is in a fight for its future, and being raised in Chicago, I know who to back in a tough street fight...that person WILL NOT QUIT FIGHTING until he wins. He took on five opponents at once in the primary (and beat them by a wide margin). JOE IS NOW DOWN TO JUST ONE CANDIDATE...Melissa Bean.

    Melissa Bean has voted for LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE/SOCIALIST agendas that will cost this nation TRILLIONS and has not made herself visible to her constituents for months.

    Before you determine that a candidate should step down, just remember that the right to vote and be represented by the people you voted is the most basic freedom and power the American people have.

    Shame on you for not doing your homework or even contacting/meeting Joe Walsh, but rather deciding/determining that our system of electing our representatives should be discarded, and that the peoples vote should be disregarded.

    Many political wonks are now starting to make predictions that 60-80 congressional seats will be lost by the LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE/SOCIALIST wing of the Democratic Party. Melissa Bean will be one of them.

  • In reply to jkptak:

    If you have to rely on pure hyperbole, guesswork, and outright uninformed assumptions to support your candidate, I'd suggest that it is YOU with the major problem, pal.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    God bless.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    I forgot to send you this...hope you had a great holiday season!

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