The Campaign to Stop Stroger's Lame Duck Spending Spree

-By Warner Todd Huston

Todd Stroger lost his bid for re-election to his position as President of the Cook County Board. Since he lost that primary, Stroger has stepped up his efforts to spread County cash to all his buddies in a last ditch, lame duck campaign to reward his friends and family before he’s out of office for good.

Led by Commissioner Tony Peraica the County Board has been racing to put an end to this wild, lame duck spending spree. They have voted to put a limit on the spending that Stroger can indulge.

Sadly, this is what we have come to expect from Chicago politicians. Whether on the way out or on the way in, they all too often use their offices as a cash machine for friends and family.

Fortunately some, like Peraica, valiantly fight in the public’s interests. but it is up to we voters to pay attention to what our elected officials do and it is incumbent upon us to do something about it.


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  • it is incumbent upon us to do something about it.

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