Podcast: Is Robocp an 'American Jesus' Because He Kills People?

The latest podcast discusses the recent interview with the director of the 1987 movie Robocop who said that he envisioned the Robocop character as an “American Jesus” because he shoots and kills his enemies.


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  • The story of Robocop is a very Christ-like story: the guy dies, resurrects, walks on water, and brings judgment. Do you object to the story because you do not like the judgment of Jesus being compared to the judgment of a fallible human being? Do you object to the story because the judgment is violent and arbitrary?

    You say that Verhoeven thinks of America as "a violent nation that has no interest in peace, law and order, or diplomacy. But it is quintessentially the violent cowboy, self-interested and mostly a lawless place". But when I think of Robocop, I think of a character entirely dedicated to law and order and judgment! His commitment to robotics and the law is in his name!

    In that sense, it's a movie chalk full of Law and very light on Gospel. And I have qualms about a mortal man seeking vigilante justice and passing judgment. But I think Verhoeven wants us to cheer on Robocop as he takes out the bad guys. He wants us to think that Robocop's judgments are just.

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