Obama's $23 Billion Teachers Unions Bailout

-By Warner Todd Huston

As the rest of us in America lose jobs by the millions, Obama wants to spend another $23 billion more of your taxes on public employees in a teacher bailout plan proposed by Senator Tom Harkin (D, Iowa).

Harkin wants this new public employees bailout in order to prevent teachers layoffs, a concern echoed by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. “We are gravely concerned,” said Duncan in a letter to Congress, “that ongoing state and local budget challenges are threatening hundreds of thousands of teacher jobs for the upcoming school year.”

Oh, Duncan had all sorts of recommendations for Congress on this newest bailout.

With state and local budgets in dire shape following the economic downturn, Duncan urged Congress to approve the $23 billion to help schools out of their fiscal jam as well as $2 billion to fund police and firefighter positions and $1 billion for early childhood education jobs.

Of course, Obama and his Democrat comrades have already spent nearly $40 billion from the so-called “stimulus” bill to shore up local school districts to prevent mass layoffs of teachers. And now he wants another $23 billion?

I might couple this story with another I recently noticed about the permanent loss of jobs as reported by the AP. In that piece the AP noted that businesses have found that the millions of jobs they’ve recently cut have not hurt productivity nor harmed the business. Yet, here we are, seeing millions of jobs in the private sector cut without harm to efficiency at the same time that Obama is trying to safeguard as many likely equally as unnecessary unions jobs paid for by you and me, the taxpayers. What is wrong with this picture?


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  • "As the rest of us lose jobs by the millions..."

    573,000 jobs created in 2010.

  • This is NOT a lifeline or bailout, but a bonus to all the liberal teachers and administrators who voted for Obama and continue to brainwash our children.

    Our school taxes are already at ridiculous levels and these idiots continue to waste our money. And since we have some control at local levels to control spending this is just an end-around move to spend our money without our approval at local levels.

    It's time to seriously start considering impeachment of about 537 (435+100+1+1) people!! GOOOHdotcom

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