Obamacare Will Kill Medical Technology

-By Warner Todd Huston

In 2008 Patrick Swayze was treated with an advanced medical tool called a “CyberKnife.” It helped add months to his life as he tried to beat the cancer that was consuming him. But, Swayze wasn’t the only American with the good fortune to have this highly advanced medical technology available to him. In fact, there are 100 such machines across the United States. From California, to Minnesota, to Illinois and Washington D.C. Americans currently have the luxury of these wonderful new devices.

Sadly, Britons are not so lucky. There are two CyberKnife machines in the Britain, but they aren’t going to do anyone in the country’s socialist healthcare system any good because despite how successful these machines are British authorities won’t allow them to be used on patients.

Despite that the Mount Vernon cancer hospital in London is part of the National Health Services, despite that they spent £3m to purchase the machine, and quite despite the praise the machines receive in the U.S. and throughout the world, British NHS authorities won’t let NHS doctors use the machine on their patients.

Sadly, these heartless, uncaring socialist healthcare officials are uninterested in helping the estimated 10,000 British patients a year that could benefit from use of the CyberKnife. And why is this? Why, it’s because the treatments are expensive, of course.

You see money is far, far more important to Britain’s socialist healthcare system then patients.

As I said above, the U.S. is lucky to have many of these machines on our shores. In fact we have 100 of the 150 machines world-wide, all available for anyone that needs them. But this happy situation will not survive the implementation of America’s own socialist healthcare system when it institutes its rationing rules as the English have done. Sooner rather than later advanced tools like the CyberKnife will be eschewed as too expensive by Obamacre bean counters and such advanced technology will dwindle and wither away despite the lives it could save.

This is what is meant when it is said that Obamacare features death panels. After all, a socialist healthcare system that won’t pay for advanced technology because it’s just too darn expensive — just as is happening right now in England — is a defacto death panel.

And don’t imagine that this is just hyperbole. The same situation exists in nearly every country that has the kind of socialist healthcare that Barack Obama wants to force on the U.S.A. That’s why so many foreigners come to the U.S. for their advanced treatments. After all, one has to understand that there is a reason that America has 100 of the 150 machines that exist in the world today.

It is true that Obamacare does not provide for death panels in its legislation. But it doesn’t have to when its price control measures and rationing will eliminate the sort of life saving tools that technology will bring us, technology that Obamacare will destroy.


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  • Before accepting the "no Cyberknife" claim as true, I'd like to see a written order denying the treatment to a specific patient and the rationale for denial. Is this fact or urban legend? My wife is German and we spend quite a bit of time in Germany. None of our friends would trade their "socialized" medical system for the American system. A friend treated for pancreatioc cancer had all of the radiologic exams, lab tests,surgery and chemotherapy ordered by his physicians. The Germans seem very satisfied with their "socialized" medical care.

  • In reply to jimbreeling:

    I fully agree with your skepticism. It's good to be skeptical. I have to say, I had to take the word of the newspaper reporting the incident.

  • In reply to jimbreeling:

    As a practicing physician in Radiation Oncology, I can confrm that the German radiation equpment is not up to date with the lates technology due to cost cuts. This translates into more side effects. Obamacare is discriminatory towards the truly ill, and as you are not ill you don't see the cuts until it is too late.

  • In reply to xdreduardx:

    From the reading I've done, I think your point rings very true.

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