Leftist Media Maligns GOP Video as 'Terrorism'

-By Warner Todd Huston

Riddle me this, Batman: When is a checkmark like a “V”? When the Old, left-wing media establishment wants to make you into a terrorist instead of a voter, that’s when!

That’s what happened when the Republican Governors Association made a video to stir the voters to “Remember in November” and get to the polls and vote against the Obama regime. (See original video HERE)

As soon as the video came out the leftists tried to spin it as an allusion to the domestic terrorist Guy Fawkes, a radical that tried to blow up Parliament in 1605 England. And where the visual motif that the RGA used in the video was a voter’s checkmark, the Old Media tried to spin it as a “V” as in “V for Vendetta,” an allusion to the anti-establishment comic book/movie based loosely on a Guy Fawkes-esque plot to destroy a future England turned fascist.

The RGA wants voters, not terrorists. But the Old Media can’t help itself from telling lies.

Well, the RGA had fun responding to the critics of its earlier video…

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