Illinois 'Independent' Lt. Gov. Candidate Full of Beans

-By Warner Todd Huston

Remember the toothless “Coffee Party USA” effort, the astroturf effort created by Obama operative Annabel Park? Remember that supposed “non-partisan” effort to get folks involved in the political debate that was created by Democrat operatives? Yeah, that one. Well, we have another example of that faux “independent” spirit popping up here in Chicago with the choice of a Lt. Gov. running mate made by independent Gubernatorial candidate Scott Lee Cohen.

On Monday, Cohen chose Baxter Swilley, his former campaign manager, as his running mate for Lt. Governor. Paradoxically, Cohen said of Swilley, “He wasn’t my first choice, but he’s the best choice.”

For his part, Swilley claims to be just as independent as Cohen (read outside the Democrat Party). But this couldn’t be farther from the truth as all his experience is inside the Democrat Party as a lobbyist and insider operator. Tom Mannis at Chicago News Bench had a pretty good summary of Swilley’s Chicago Democrat resume back in March. In fact, he was even the organizer of a Chicago “Coffee Party” event. From John Ruberrry reminded us all of Mannis post revealing Swilley’s coffee party connection. “It’s a ticket that is full of beans,” scoffed Ruberry.

I report this all not just because it has a Chicago connection but it seems to be a piece with a lot of what is happening in politics these days. It seems that if you can’t win under your own banner you claim that party extremists drove you out of the party and that you are really an “independent” anyway.

Cohen is no independent and neither is Swilley. They are simply Democrats that even Democrats don’t want. Just like Arlen Spector is no Republican, but is looking like an unwanted Democrat, too. Just as Florida’s Charlie Crist is suddenly an “independent” when his own party has dumped him. Just as Utah’s Bob Bennett is contemplating running as a so-called “independent” now that his party dumped him for not fulfilling the voter’s needs.

What does this show? It shows that for these politicians its all about them not the voters, not principle, not party loyalty. It is onlly about winning power. Period. And they’ll do anything, say anything, pretend to BE anything to win.

It’s pretty disgusting, isn’t it?

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