Bloomington Paper Takes Odd Swipe At Kinzinger's Military Service

-By Warner Todd Huston

On May 6 the Bloomington Pantagraph took an odd swipe at GOP candidate for the 11th Congressional District Adam Kinzinger’s military service in a brief story that reported that he’d been called to active duty.

Kinzinger, a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, was called to active duty and the paper duly reported that fact in a short report. But an odd thing happened between the editor and printer. First of all the paper didn’t detail Kinzinger’s rank, bad enough I know. But the 6 short paragraph story ended with this line:

He often touts his military experience on the campaign trail in the once reliably Republican district.

Just what the heck is all that supposed to mean? Kinzinger “touts” his military experience? Does he not really have any such military experience, Pantagraph? Are you claim he is lying or making more of it than it is? Do you have any examples of Kinzinger making light of his service or using it unduly? Why the negative connotations here? Unless, of course, you have an ulterior motive of place doubt in the reader’s mind?

And what’s this “in the once reliably Republican district,” stuff? Are you trying to cajole readers into discounting Kinzinger because his district is not really a Republican district?

This is the sort of disrespect for our members of the military that the Old Media all too often wallows in, not to mention its penchant for slyly trying to get readers to support the light-on-defense Democrats.

In any case, you can tell who isn’t the Old Media favorite in this race and I’d argue that make Adam Kinzinger all the more attractive as a candidate!

For more info on Adam Kinzinger’s campaign, see his website at

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