Listen, Learn and Lead

-By Representative Peter Roskam (R, IL)

If you’ve noticed the uproar around the country over the direction America is heading, you are one step ahead of the Democratic Majority. It appears everyone from Nancy Pelosi to the intern answering the phones has their fingers in their ears and their eyes clamped shut when it comes to responding to the will of the people. Unfortunately, their mouths are still working overtime.

Alexander Hamilton stated the fact best: “Here, Sir, the people govern.” Congress would be wise to listen to the American people. Thankfully, in our social media age, it’s possible for Congress to be wise in ways almost unimaginable a few years ago.

Today/On Tuesday, May 25th, I joined my colleague Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), in a major national announcement unveiling an exciting new project we are spearheading called “America Speaking Out.” This effort will equip men and women all across America to dramatically affect the direction of our country by offering solutions to the tough challenges we face. This initiative draws on first-of-its kind technology to enable a meaningful two-way conversation about the policies our nation needs to pursue to get back on the right track.

Active, enthused participation is perhaps the hallmark of successful democracies. Through, and through in-person town halls in congressional districts across the country, House Republicans can now engage the American people in the process of governing like never before.

Our state-of-the-art website allows individuals to suggest solutions of their own, or weigh in on ideas offered by others. Everyone can see the ideas being discussed, make comments and give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. brings the halls of Congress into American homes and uses the best of social media networks to spread people’s ideas and concerns.

We welcome the debate of ideas and, invariably, the issues that arise when government creates a grassroots crowd-sourcing platform for policy solutions. However, we know our principles and have demonstrated them through positive, conservative alternatives to the misguided policies of the current majority. So it’s safe to say, suggestions on how to raise taxes or grow bureaucracy won’t be a part of our agenda. We’ve seen enough of that under Speaker Pelosi’s control.

But it’s time that the policies passed in Congress reflect the priorities of the people. provides House Republicans with the ability to listen, learn and then take that understanding of where Americans’ priorities are in order to lead with our conservative principles.

But this is just the beginning. With the ideas the American people present and the commitment of House Republicans to adopt a governing agenda using grassroots wisdom, we will charge ahead in the fight for a new direction for America. Working together, I am confident that we can produce a spirited debate, a principled agenda, and ultimately, the resolve to make the tough decisions necessary to rein in out-of-control spending, to encourage businesses to grow and add new workers, and to govern in a way that ensures a brighter future for this generation and ones yet to come.

If you are interested in finding out more, or if you’re ready to get started sharing your great ideas, please visit or sign up for my email newsletter. Today Washington borrows too much, spends too much, and worries about what’s best for Washington. But with your help, it doesn’t have to be this way any longer. I look forward to hearing what you’ve got to say.


Peter Roskam is the U.S. Representative for the Sixth District of Illinois. First elected in 2006, Roskam was recently recognized by The Hill as the “most up-and-coming member of Congress.”

Roskam’s priorities in Washington include providing tax relief for hard working families and businesses, reining in federal spending, expanding healthcare access and affordability, and promoting energy independence. The Daily Herald described him as an “avowed fiscal conservative who could lay claim to the anti-tax mantel.”

In 2009, Roskam was appointed to the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Established in 1789 during the first Congress, Ways and Means is often considered the most influential committee in the House of Representatives due to its wide scope of jurisdiction which includes trade, health care, social security and taxes. Specifically, Article I, Section 7, of the Constitution states that all bills for raising revenue must originate in the House of Representatives, making the House Committee on Ways and Means particularly prominent. Visit his site at:


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  • Representative Roskum, Have you visited the site? I gotta admit people are active, enthused and -- above all -- amused. .....Best $100,000 the Republicans ever spent of my tax money. How are you guys going to shut this thing down? Please don't, because I do love turtles and that is one of the most popular opinions at the moment.

  • Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Have you read the friggin website yet?

  • Too late to read it now. It's gone. Go GOP!!!!!

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