10th District: GOP's Bob Dold on Jobs

From the Dold for Congress campaign (10th District)…

Our National unemployment rate rose to 9.9% last month and the unemployment rate in Illinois is even higher, now at 11.5%. There is some good news in these numbers as our country created 290,000 net new jobs in April, and there is evidence that workers who had given up seeking work reentered the search for employment.

There remain, however, an unacceptable number of people unemployed. We must not accept this as a “new normal” and herald an economy that leaves millions of people without work. Our Federal government deserves much of the blame for the slow recovery of our jobs market.

The leadership in our country has focused too much on creating government jobs, while sending confusing messages to, and punishing, the private sector. The Federal government hired one out of every five new workers in April, many of which were temporary census workers. The stimulus bill that Congress passed has cost us $230,000 for every new job created. This is simply the wrong path. Meanwhile, the Administration recently announced that it would remove application requirements to facilitate and fast-track the process by which the Federal government hires new workers.

We cannot continue this rapid expansion of government without more private sector growth to pay it. High unemployment will continue as long as our Nation focuses on growing the Federal government, while ignoring Main Street small business. As Congressman, I will advocate first and foremost for policies that help Main Street get our economy back on track.


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