Training for a Conservative Activist: Post-Party Summit

From the Sam Adams Alliance…

Some of the most influential grassroots conservative groups in the country are joining forces to give activists the tools they need to drive real change in their communities. American Majority believes real change begins at the local level. That’s why they are empowering citizens like you to take back your communities, your state, and eventually Washington. American Majority is teaming up with, SmartGirl Politics and The John Hancock Committee for the States to host seven historical events, called the Post-Party Summits: Organizing for a Free America.

In addition to the host of trainings being held, several keynote speakers have confirmed their attendance at the Post-Party Summits, including Erick Erikson, CNN commentator and editor of; Dana Loesch, blogger, radio host, and regular commentator on Fox News and CNN; S.E. Cupp, author, political columnist and commentator who appears regularly on “Fox & Friends,” “The Sean Hannity Show,” Redeye,” and “Geraldo At Large” and author of two books, “Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity,” and “Why Your Wrong About The Right”; and Steven Crowder, comedian, columnist and commentator known for his political satire.

The Post-Party Summits will take place in the following cities:

  • Pittsburgh: April 23-24
  • Indianapolis: April 23-24
  • Jacksonville: April 24
  • Denver: April 30 – May 1
  • Kansas City: May 7-8
  • Boston: May 7-8
  • Charlotte: May 7-8

We believe these Post-Party Summits will provide the training and resources needed to combat a statist-driven government and win in 2010 and beyond. Please visit for more information.

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