The Left's Lies About 'Peaceful' Immigration Protesters

-By Warner Todd Huston posted an excellent side-by-side video from Fox News that shows the lengths that the left goes to in order to excuse the common every day violence, hate and criminal actions of folks from their own side.

Take a look at this excellent report…

This ignoramus, hypocrite that Fox News dredged up to represent the left is typical of the back bending gymnastics indulged by the Old Media and the left — one in the same, I know. This is typical in the way they denigrate the perfectly peaceful Tea Party protests while excusing the lawless, criminal actions of the left’s protesters — in this case the recent pro-illegal immigrant criminal protesters in Arizona.

But it isn’t just the lawbreaking illegals that turn every protest into violence. Nearly every protest that leftists involve themselves in turns violent. From pro-illegal immigration, to anti-war, to anti-WTO protests, the left almost always devolves to property destruction, verbal assaults, and physical assaults on police and bystanders alike.

Now the FACT is that not one Tea Party protester has been arrested anywhere in the country even as millions of participants have shown up at Tea Party events that have been held in every state in the union for well over a year.

Yet the second more than a dozen hatemongers on the left get together for anything, the next thing you know windows are being broken, cars are lit on fire, and people are sent to the hospital.

Leftism truly is a mental disorder.

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