Tea Party Express Hits Rockford, Illinois

-By Warner Todd Huston

No posts have emerged from me today because I was away for most of the day witnessing the Tea Party Express as it rolled into rolled into Rockford, Illinois.

Rockford is situated about 90 miles west (and a bit north) of Chicago in Northern Illinois. It’s a region that has been hit particularly hard by this recession and has the highest unemployment rate in a state that has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

The Tea Party Express is ranging across the country in an effort to keep the Tea Party spirit alive. If you want to find out if the Tea Party Express is coming to a town near you, check out the itinerary at www.teapartyexpress.org.

The Rockford Tea Party folks had hoped to get 1,000 Illinoisans to attend their rally, but there was at least 2,000 that actually came (some say 3,000) so they most certainly met their goals. These were some great Constitution-loving Americans that were very concerned about the downward direction that their country is taking. These people were worried, of course, but all seemed buoyed by their shared fellowship in patriotism. These are all great Americans. With citizens like this, we may yet bring our nation back from the brink of the leftism that is destroying Europe… unless Obama, his regime and their co-conspirators can help it.

The pre-event was held by the Rockford Tea Party folks (www.rockfordteaparty.org). And they had a nice line-up of local Illinois pols and political folks.

Speakers included former gubernatorial candidate and head of For The Good Of Illinois Adam Andrzejewski; 8th District Congressional candidate Joe Walsh; Rosanna Pulido, State Director of the Illinois Minuteman Project; Zach Oltmanns principle of the Illinois FaceBook Conservatives group; Lex Green Libertarian candidate for Ill. Gov.; and William J. Kelly, former candidate for Comptroller and blogger at Kelly Truth Squad. Photos in order following…

After the locals had their time at the mic, the Tea Party Express rolled in. I had a photo taken of me next to one of the busses.

I was happy to meet up with some of my fellow writers and bloggers, a few local pards and my friend Andrea Shea-King, whom I met in Nevada in 2006. In the photos below you’ll see (first pic) John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit; Andrea Shea-King of Radio Patriot; and Tom Mannis of Chicago News Bench. The second one has me in it with Andrea and John.

And who else came out? Well and interesting array of folks with a bunch of great signs. Enjoy some of these photos of great Americans who are concerned for their country.

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  • The Tribune placed the number of "revolutionaries" who are concerned about the country's "downward direction" at 1,000.
    I have been at Little League baseball games that drew more people.

    BTW the economy is slowly improving...


    "ECONOMIC GROWTH: Interest rates rose Monday after better-than-expected reports on the service sector and pending home sales provided further evidence the economy is slowly improving.

    2010 HIGH: The yield on the 10-year note rose as high as 4.02 percent during trading. That's the highest its been since October 2008 before the credit crisis erupted."

    The rising price of oil is another good indicator...


    "Crude oil rose to a 17-month high on signals that U.S. economic growth will accelerate, bolstering fuel use in the world

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    Otherwise, more than a measly thousand would show up at rallies like the pitiful showing in Rockford.

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    Hey SouthSideGT did you ever serve in the military?

    "Tea baggers are whiners. Thank God there are so few of them"

    Liberals are such sad people...thankfully there won't be many to find after this November.

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