Scott Lee Cohen, Independent Run for Ill. Guv?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Could it be? Could Scott Lee Cohen be roaring back to politics so soon after being thrown off the Democrat ticket in disgrace?

I don’t know about you, but this blogger is crossing his fingers and toes in hopes that it could be true. Oh, LORDY make it true. I mean, why not, eh? What fun it would be.

For those that don’t quite remember the dim days so long ago last February, Scott Lee Cohen won the Democrat primary to take the Lt. Gov. spot on the Dem. Ticket. But no sooner was he celebrating his big win when the Chicago Old Media finally started to research candidate Cohen only to discover that he had all sorts of unsavory legal and criminal allegations in his past. There was the beating he gave his prostitute girlfriend, the assault with a knife… well, let’s just say that things were a bit messy in his recent past. Once the Dems found out about his past the whole Democrat establishment rose up to demand that Cohen quit his campaign for Lt. Gov.

Well, as he headed for the door Cohen promised that he’d try for office again someday. Apparently, he’s considering that someday should be today. Several sources are reporting that Cohen would like to run for Governor as an independent this year.

Well, I say, welcome to the race, Mr. Cohen! Of course, it is a bit of a laugh that he’d try it after the fiasco of only a few months ago, but heck, stranger things have happened in Illinois politics. But the real reason that I welcome Cohen to the race is because he’ll drain some small number of votes from incumbent Democrat Governor Pat Quinn.

Quinn, the accidental governor, is locked in a close race with GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady. In fact, current polls show that Brady is leading Quinn. But, regardless of where polls are now, it is likely that this race will be close and with Cohen draining votes from Quinn, it could be just enough to assure Brady a win.

So, welcome to the race, Mr. Cohen. I’d say you have the prostitute vote locked down, anyway.

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