Republican Governors Association WIN, WIN, WIN

I have three wins to report from the RGA.

#1). The other day I was piqued at the Republican Governors Association over its muff up of the distribution of it excellent video for the November elections. I am happy to report that my concerns were immediately addressed and corrective action was taken on the spot. That is a win.

#2). Of course, the video itself is also a win. The thing is well made and hits the right notes serving to keep the faithful energized and perhaps bringing new eyes to the choices confronting us in 2010.

#3). And after the release of the great video and the quick response to a problem in distribution of that video, the RGA has some hilarious followup to the results of that video. Here is that info in an email I received today:

Tweets: ~1100
Supporters: 75,000+
“Video Loads”: 768,000+
Blog Referrals: 100+
Liberal Attackers: Huffington Post, Democratic Underground, Talking Points Memo, Salon, AlterNet and many more
Production Costs: $0

Now that is a third win! Way to go RGA.

Here is the video again, in case you haven’t seen it…

We Will Remember from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

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