Perhaps You Too Can Order U.S. Census Gear From China

-By Warner Todd Huston

Barack Obama is all about saving money, ya know? Why he’s so serious about cutting costs that he’s outsourced to China, Haiti and Bangladesh the manufacture of t-shirts, caps, pens, and other bric-a-brac for the U.S. Census.

Yes, in this day where America is losing thousands of jobs on almost a minute-to-minute basis, Barack Obama is sending manufacturing jobs overseas.

So, Obama is saving pennies while burning stacks of dollars with his other obscene government spending. It really illustrates that old saw “penny wise but dollar foolish,” doesn’t it?

Chicago Alderman Eddie Burke thought the whole thing was an “irony.” Illinois is at 13 percent unemployment, Burke says, and he’s getting materials from the U.S. Census made in foreign countries.


Burke found the promotional items included in a kit sent him by the census department in order to advertise to get people involved in the effort.

Burke has left word with the U.S. Census but has yet to hear back from them. “I frankly think it’s preposterous,” Burke said.

Me, I have other words for it.


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  • High labor costs in US means high prices for consumers. You want me to pay thousands extra for a car (for example), just so it supports jobs in Detroit? How about retraining those employees for something else? That we save some money and those employees get a job in a lasting industry. Are we becoming communists or socialists? I am getting lost...

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