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Melissa Bean's Healthcare101 - Part 1 of 13

From the Palatine Tea Party… In response to the letter Melissa Bean wrote to the constituents in district 8 dated April 16, 2010. We will respond to each of her statements Melissa Bean made based on emotion with factual responses where she stated the following: “After deliberate review of the final legislation in relation to... Read more »

Support These Arizona Companies

-By Warner Todd Huston To see a list of Arizona companies you should support… CLICK HERE I am happy to say that I stole this table code from a lefty that wanted to boycott these fine Arizona companies. So, I thought it only fitting that I liberally lifted the code to urge folks to support... Read more »

Tea Party: Instantly Attacked by Old Media, Coffee Party: Immediate Respect from Old Media

-By Warner Todd Huston Nothing says “media bias” like coffee in the morning. If anyone ever wanted to see an example of the bias of the Old Media no better example can be found than the different ways that it has treated the tea party movement and the coffee party astroturf effort. The tea party... Read more »

Cook County Spending Over $200,000 for 'Fresh Rolls and Pastries'

-By Warner Todd Huston Last week we discovered through the Cook County online check register that the county spent $300,000 for coffee services from the ACE Coffee company. (See here, and here). This week The Prairie Stater has discovered that the county is spending more than $200,000 additional budget dollars on “fresh rolls and pastries”... Read more »

Media Spinning Against New AZ Law for All It's Worth

-By Warner Todd Huston The media has been trying its hardest to spin this Arizona immigration law to its agenda for all its worth. It’s such a swarm of media agenda journalism that even liberal reporters that write about the travel industry are trying to demonize Arizona over it all. We can see this in... Read more »

Schools Fund Building Projects With Pilfered Tax Money

-By Warner Todd Huston Schools that want tax dollars to fund major new building or refurbishing projects are supposed to go before the voters, hat in hand, to ask for a tax increase. A referendum then goes on a ballot for tax payers to approve or deny. This prevents abuse of tax money and is... Read more »

The Left's Lies About 'Peaceful' Immigration Protesters

-By Warner Todd Huston posted an excellent side-by-side video from Fox News that shows the lengths that the left goes to in order to excuse the common every day violence, hate and criminal actions of folks from their own side. Take a look at this excellent report… This ignoramus, hypocrite that Fox News dredged... Read more »

Mayor Daley Wants Foreign Kangaroo Court to Rule in Chicago

-By Warner Todd Huston Mayor Richard “King” Daley has just earned his monarchical (or is that maniacal) nickname by announcing his desire to have a European “court” invade the U.S. and begin prosecuting American citizens for doing a legal, Constitutionally protected business in America. The despicable, mob-infested mayor of Chicago’s newest harebrained scheme in his... Read more »

Conn. Senate Race: McMahon Abandons Cash For Votes Plan

-By Warner Todd Huston The quixotic campaign of Linda McMahon for Connecticut’s Senate seat took another turn toward the absurd last week. The ex-wrestling maven launched a cash for votes drive and then abruptly canceled the program once the media reported on the scheme. It was hard not to compare McMahon’s plans to the vote... Read more »

Chicago Fox Attacks 8th District Candidate Joe Walsh

-By Warner Todd Huston Fox News Chicago ran a piece on 8th Congressional District Republican candidate Joe Walsh who topped a field of five candidates in the primary. They found that Walsh’s campaign never filed his financial disclosure forms as required by federal election law. The Fox correspondent pointedly asked Walsh, “how come you didn’t... Read more »