Obama's Appointee Has Attacked Worker's Right Group

-By Warner Todd Huston

Mark Hemingway of the Washington Examiner had another piece on Obama’s appointee to the National Labor Relations Board, union hack Craig Becker. Hemingway wrote about Becker’s past articles ripping the worker’s rights group National Right to Work and wondered if Becker could be fair to them now that he’s in a position to adjudicate between them and big labor?

One does not hold out much hope for Becker to be fair, though.

Hemingway reminds us that the NRW is involved in a lot of worker’s disputes with labor and Becker has attacked them mercilessly in past opinion pieces and appearances. Apparently he’s called them the “anti-union fringe” and are “ideologically driven” (as if Becker isn’t??).

Becker has also written “at the urging of the [National] Right to Work Committee the Supreme Court has developed a virtual obsession [with cases where workers get legal aid from the National Right to Work].” And there are other examples of National Right to Work antipathy.

So, now Becker is in a position to make rules in which issues that the NRW are involved. Can a guy that has so excoriated the NRW judge them in a fair and balanced manner?

Me, I doubt it. Hemingway only says that “it will be telling to see how this gets handled.” That’s putting it mildly!

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