Mayor Daley Wants Foreign Kangaroo Court to Rule in Chicago

-By Warner Todd Huston

Mayor Richard “King” Daley has just earned his monarchical (or is that maniacal) nickname by announcing his desire to have a European “court” invade the U.S. and begin prosecuting American citizens for doing a legal, Constitutionally protected business in America.

The despicable, mob-infested mayor of Chicago’s newest harebrained scheme in his fight against the U.S. Constitution is to have the so-called World Criminal Court at the Hague to begin prosecuting gun manufacturers and gun dealers here in America.

It’s bad enough that this Eurocrat wannabe thinks that this kangaroo court in Europe has legal jurisdiction in the USA, but he’s teaming up with a foreign plutocrat in Mexico to try and pursue this idiot’s scheme.

Mayor Daley again proves his essential hate for his own country. First by wallowing in his mob connected lifestyle, next by his surrounding himself with criminal Democrats that rob the city blind, then by siding with foreigners against his own country.

Maybe we would be better off with Rahm Emanuel in the big chair at City Hall? At least Rahm is just an average crook!


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  • Rahm Emanuel was granted his set by Jimmy DeLeo, the mob's man in the Democratic party. Just like Blagojevich was. Rahm is just as much a criminal as Daley. The Chicago Democratic Party is an organized crime family. A D in front of your name is a sign of criminality.

  • Daley is just trying to p--s everyone off and get some news coverage. He knows that odds are that the Supreme Court will apply the Second Amendment in Chicago. He should also know that somehow 16 shootings in one night, or making Auburn Gresham and South Shore into a shooting gallery indicates that the existing ban doesn't work.

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