Librarians Having Sex at Work... and Who Cares, Anyway?

-By Warner Todd Huston

UPI published a quickie on librarians getting their Dewey Decimals dotted at work the other day. The story centered on a survey of librarians that was conducted in the 1990s out of which the saucy stories of sex among the stacks came to light.

The survey was full of all sort of salacious details about the sex lives of librarians at work. And after reading it one can only ask, “who cares”?

Seriously. Why should anyone care that librarians would pose nude for money, would like to have condom dispensers at work, or like to get their shelves rearranged at work?

Sometimes information like this really is not only meaningless, but useless.

Why is it that every aspect of life has to be turned into some sexual outlet as far as the Old Media is concerned?

Turns out that the fool that initiated the survey had his “findings” quashed by the publishers of the now defunct bibliophilia journal that he edited and in which he placed the survey. He says he was fired for the idiotic survey, too, as well he should have been.

But, hey. It has SEX in it, so UPI just had to print a story about it. Give me a break. But, here you go, here’s what the Old Media think about in all cases…

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