Is He or Isn't He: Scott Lee Cohen for Governor?

-By Warner Todd Huston

A few days ago, we pondered the amusing possibility of Scott Lee Cohen running for Illinois Governor as an independent. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if this fellow ran for governor after being kicked off the Democrat ticket?

Well it is beginning to look like Cohen really is looking to run for governor as an independent. Now a spokesman for Michael Madigan is saying that Cohen told the party bigwigs that he does, indeed, want to run for governor as a lt.

This would be awful fun if it came to pass. But I warn everyone about Cohen. He seems awfully flakey. Don’t be surprised if Cohen flakes out and decides he “never said he’d run.”

I don’t think we can trust this guy to really commit.


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  • Someone pointed out on a Sun-Times bulletin board that isn't it interesting that Madigan's office released this one. A true independent wouldn't clear it with Madigan, especially if the Regular Democratic Party screwed him out of the place he won on the ballot. So, the real question is what Madigan is up to? What message is he trying to send Jello?

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