I Was Married on April Fool's Day (Almost)

-By Warner Todd Huston

(note: rarely do I burden the readers with personal anecdotes, but I think this one is mildly amusing…)

To show how women sometimes think about things a bit more clearly than men, were it not for my wife’s refusal, I’d have been married on April Fool’s Day, in 2000.

In 2000 my wife and I decided to run off to Tennessee and get re-married in a little vacation/weekend away ceremony. So, she told me to make the arrangements. It just happened to be the weekend of April 1 (Friday was March 31, Sat. April1).

And so, I called the various hotels, chapels and what have you and made the plans for our ceremony to happen on the Saturday of that weekend. Sensible, right? Travel on Friday, marriage on Saturday, a nice night out that night, and then we come home Sunday afternoon. Perfect timing, right?

After I was done I went to the wife and gave her the info all proud that I’d done my duty.

She looked at me, looked at the info, and said “I am NOT getting married on Saturday!”

I was utterly perplexed. What the hell her problem was I had no clue.

She looks at me squint eyed and said, “What date is Saturday?”

I said, “Uh… April 1st. So, what?”

She says, “I am NOT getting married on April Fool’s Day!”

I’m all, “Ohhhhhh, I get it now!” Like, Duh, right?

And so I had to call the places in Tennessee back up and change everything to Friday.

Now, as a guy I never once gave thought to the idea that getting married on April Fool’s Day was problematic. But, can you imagine what everyone would be saying for the next umpteen years about that date? For that matter, it might even be fodder for a fight at some later date, I’m sure you can see that.

Yep. She was right, but it never occurred to me. Saturday was just another day to me. She saw a bit more in it than I did.

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