Gov't Waste: $300,000 for Coffee in Cook County Government?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Tony Peraica has chimed in on the “Coffee Czar” controversy as reported here earlier this week.

“Yes, despite the political insiders’ claims that government is bankrupt and their calls for tax increases — we’ve learned that the county taxpayers spent more than $75,000 on a local coffee company in the first three months of the current fiscal year alone. That adds up to some $300,000 a year for coffee and snacks!

As I told the reporter for that story, I’ve long said that we have “corruption on steroids” here in Cook County — but now we learn it might also be fueled by coffee!

Are these really the types of wasteful “projects” on which our hard-earned tax dollars should be spent?

As your commissioner, I will continue to fight to expose these instances of abuse, and to fight for sensible spending reform and tax relief.”


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  • What coffee company?

  • In reply to WisdomSeed:

    It's named ACE Coffee.

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