Gosh Darn it... The Assoc. Press is all Mad at Me (Update on NJ School Cross-Dressing Day)

-By Warner Todd Huston

I hate it when the Old Media gets all mad at me, and stuff. But, here is the vaunted AP scolding me for “skewering” a grade school over the story of the canceled cross-dressing day that was to be held at the Maude Wilkins School in New Jersey.

On the morning of April 12 I came across a story posted on my FaceBook page by an incensed mother of a grade school boy from the Maude Wilkins grade school. She was upset that her school had planned an event for women’s history month wherein students would come to school dressed as a famous woman from history, or dressed in representative historical women’s fashion from American history… yes, they even expected the boys to dress as women.

Later that day I wrote my treatment of the event and off to the races we went. As it happened it wasn’t long before the pressure that the school felt over the ridiculous cross-dressing day caused Principal Beth F. Norica to cancel the event.

I duly posted an update and also posted the images of the two letters from the school, the one announcing the day and the one canceling the day.

But, the AP got all miffed at me because I “skewered the school.”

Janine Giandomenico, a mother of a boy in the class and a frequent user of online social networks, posted a complaint on Facebook. By Monday, her concerns had worked their way to Warner Todd Huston, an opinion writer and editor of the Publius’ Forum site.

He skewered the school and suggested that the timing of the event, scheduled for Friday, was designed to coincide with a national “Day of Silence” to protest harassment of gays.

“Pushing the gay agenda while feminizing our young boys through a cross-dressing day? This isn’t your parent’s grade school celebration, for sure,” he wrote.

Dang that rotten old Warner Todd Huston, anyways!

Still, the AP did report that the initial letter home was easily “misunderstood.” Or at least the AP quoted Superintendent Michael Livengood to that effect.

“In hindsight,” Superintendent Michael Livengood said Wednesday, “maybe a different activity could have been chosen that was a little bit more relevant to history.”

… Livengood, who leads the Maple Shade Township school district, acknowledged that the initial letter could be misunderstood.

Me, I still maintain that it wasn’t easy to “misunderstand.” It seems pretty clear that they intended to have boys dress up as women, too. There is nothing in the letter excluding boys from the dress-up day. But, you read this letter (see below) and you tell me.

It is also a bit amusing that the school claimed not to know of the “day of silence” being pushed by the gay advocacy group GLSEN. But, it is what it is. All I can say is that this was a nationally known effort that many schools across the country are observing.

The good thing is that all the pressure got the school to cancel the cross-dressing day. That is the important thing here.

Finally, I’d like to point out how this illustrates the power of speaking up in this day and age. My posts and the voices of a few parents were able to alter a bad policy. This shows the efficacy of speaking out. The left has known this truth for decades and only now are the folks of the American center-right, the great bulk of our American polity, coming to understand the power of this simple, but important tool.

Move over Saul Alinsky, conservatives have learned your methods.


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  • The blogging you did regarding this "incident" is appalling. This stems from one parent's complaint, not multiple parents'. It is also presumably an event that occurs every year (take a look at the initial letter sent home) and has happened before. Apparently, there have never been complaints before.

    If the mother had a serious problem with her son "cross dressing" then she should have contacted his teacher instead of making her issues known to the whole of the internet. She does not take issues with, as some who comment on the story do, the silliness of the event or the lack of education being provided. She takes issue only with the possibility of her son having to wear a dress to school. She blows this way out of proportion, just as you did.

    You turned this into a hideous incident with implications far beyond the truth. You took a fun, simple, childhood event that most 3rd graders get excited for and turned it into a small town school district pushing the "gay agenda." If the school district denies pushing the "gay agenda" in any adamant way it will be labeled homophobic, if, as Mr. Livengood did, the district denies any knowledge of the coincidence of dates, they will labeled unaware. This is a sensationalist story targeting innocence. It's ridiculous that it went this far.

  • In reply to penniexox:

    I am heartbroken, ya know? Just heart broken. All torn up over it.

  • In reply to penniexox:

    You gotta be effin' kidding me. You think this dumb bimbo Janine Giandomenico has any right to spoil an entire third-grade class's fun? It's this egotistical bitch that brought up the, boo-hoo-hoo "gay agenda", not the teachers. I gotta tell you honestly, do you even know what the so-called gay agenda is? You can't be very smart if you think you know but you can't describe it.

    So boys want to dress up as women? Why the hell not? It's their choice isn't it and not some scatterbrained broad to tell them what to do? Hey, PARENTS: Leave them kids alone!

    By the way, do you recognize me yet? From Newsbusters? Yes, Luke, I am The7Sticks. I am the Sherlock Holmes to your Professor Moriarty; I am the Lelouce Lampourage to your Charles Vi Brittania (I bet that's grating you since you hate anime); I am the Alpha and you are nothing. Victory is mine, douche.

  • In reply to The7Sticks:

    Man oh man. You have some serious anger issues.

  • In reply to The7Sticks:

    I found the perfect quote for Pubic Forum, Janine Giandomenico, her Assburgers son: "Nobody ever thinks they

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