Dear President Obama, We the People are Speaking

Can you hear us yet Mr. President?


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  • "Dear President Obama, We the People are Speaking"

    Actually, no. You are wrong again. The people spoke on November 4, 2008...

    You are going to have to learn to quit whining.

  • Wow. How childish of you. I say you are whining, then you turn around and say I am whining? Really? Now you are reduced to as much as "I know you are but what am I" sort of talk?? Here and you were trying to present yourself as a big boy! On the old Internet tubuals they call that "epic fail."

  • Not at all. You are mistaken as usual and can't defend your illogical position of "the people are speaking" They are not because the people actually "spoke" on November 4, 2008 and swept the Democrats into power.

    Surprise yourself. Be a man. Accept defeat. Stop whining and try your best at the mid-term elections.

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