Cook County Spending Over $200,000 for 'Fresh Rolls and Pastries'

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last week we discovered through the Cook County online check register that the county spent $300,000 for coffee services from the ACE Coffee company. (See here, and here). This week The Prairie Stater has discovered that the county is spending more than $200,000 additional budget dollars on “fresh rolls and pastries” from Chicago’s Alpha Baking Company.

So, not only do county workers make more than you on the job and far more than you in retirement, now we find out they even eat better than you on the job.

It must be like a party to go to work everyday in county government.

Here the rest of us are cutting back in every luxury item we can because of this bad economy, yet our county workers, people whose lifestyle is paid for by we, the taxpayers, are every day eating high on the hog as well as retiring richly… all on the backs of the regular, working stiffs of the county.

Head on over to The Prairie Stater to see all the details of yet another example of the waste and arrogance of our county officials.

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