Conn. Senate Race: McMahon Abandons Cash For Votes Plan

-By Warner Todd Huston

The quixotic campaign of Linda McMahon for Connecticut’s Senate seat took another turn toward the absurd last week. The ex-wrestling maven launched a cash for votes drive and then abruptly canceled the program once the media reported on the scheme. It was hard not to compare McMahon’s plans to the vote fraud-infested voter drives sponsored by ACORN in years past.

The McMahon campaign intended to pay college students to register voters on both an hourly and a per voter basis. On April 23, the Stamford Advocate reported that an email detailing the campaign’s plans said that, “each student who works will earn $10 (an hour) while working up to 5 hours a day and 4 days total, with a bonus of $5 per Republican registered.”

This scheme seems to emulate the practices of the disgraced left-wing group ACORN. “Paying to register voters for a political party is not illegal, but the practice has drawn questions, particularly during a highly publicized voter fraud probe of the non-profit group ACORN,” said the Advocate.

McMahon, who is running for the Republican nomination for the Senate race, abruptly canceled the plans once the media began to report on it.

This is just another misstep in the McMahon campaign. Among other things, when she first joined the race last September it became clear that, even as she was running as a Republican, McMahon had donated thousands to Democrats, including White House enforcer Rahm Emanuel. Then in February of this year she came under fire when it was reported that in 2004 she had sponsored a “retarded” wrestler during her stint as the CEO of the WWE.

Its too bad that unserious candidates such as Linda McMahon are muddying the waters this year.


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  • 1. Jesse Jackson Jr. gave out turkeys for people to register to vote, presumably for Sandi. However, since that was against a Beavers, I guess that was o.k.

    2. Jesse the Body Ventura (James Janos) of the AWA and WWF was a pretty credible Minnesota governor. Linda ran a business. Compare that to the political hacks running for state offices in this state.

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