Chicago Tax Day Tea Party Video: Ballad of the Tea Party

During the tea party protest downtown Chicago at Daley Plaza, 9th District Republican candidate for Congress Joel Pollak debuted his new song, “Ballad of the Tea Party.”

Pollack himself performed the tune. It has the ring of a good old Irish diddie.

“Hey, hey, what do we say? Don’t tax our freedom away!”


On a cold night in Boston, three ships in the dock
With their valuable cargo still waiting to stock
But the colonists wont pay the duty on tea
And the governor wont let the ships out to sea

Sing – hey, hey, what do we say?
American freedom is here to stay!
Hey, hey, what do we say?
Don’t tax our freedom away!

Now the Crown has been adding new fees by the score
And the people don’t think they can bear any more
Yet they don’t have a vote, so they don’t have a say
And they’re starting to talk about breaking away


Now the people have gathered round the Old Meeting House
If the governor listens, they’ll still hear him out
But Sam Adams, he reads the report with a frown
So the people decide that the tea must do down


So they don their disguises and clamber aboard
And the governors tea is soon tossed overboard
And the news spreads throughout the thirteen colonies
That our country’s new motto is Don’t Tread On Me.


Now today we have gathered–young, old, black, and white
And we’ve all got the vote, so we don’t need to fight
But if Washington taxes our future away
Then well throw them all out on Election Day!


Written and Performed by Joel Pollak
Nominee for Congress – 9th District, Illinois
Chicago Tax Day Tea Party
Daley Plaza, Chicago, Illinois, April 15, 2010

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