Chicago Radio: the Laughing Stock of the Midwest

-By Warner Todd Huston

Welcome to Chicago Con the Air!

What the heck is going on with Chicago’s AM radio stations? For some ungodly reason… and I DO mean ungodly… convicts are turning up all over the place as radio hosts. No, I mean real convicts. Not just your average car-jacker or B&E guy, I mean political convicts. It’s no wonder Chicago is the laughing stock of the country. The city is so crooked that crooked politicians even infest the radio, fer cripes sakes!

Just announced by WVON a Monday morning radio show will be hosted by convicted Cicero Mayor Betty Loren-Maltese. Maltese just got out of jail for misappropriation of city funds.

As Chicago Radio maven Larz notes, “It should be noted that the man Betty Loren-Maltese is filling in for, Cliff Kelley, is himself a disgraced former politician.”

Larz goes on to inform us all that, “in 1987, the one-time Chicago Alderman of the 20th Ward was convicted of taking over $36,000 in bribes from bribes from Waste Management and a New York City bill-collection agency that wanted to do business with Chicago.”

But these aren’t the only two political crooks on the radio. Over on WGN a fellow named Jim Laski just started a radio show on weekday evenings. Laski, former Democrat Chicago City Clerk, pleaded guilty to pocketing bribes for steering city business to trucking companies in 2006. He just got out of jail recently, too.

But wait, there’s more…

On WLS famed mouth of the north Rod Blagojevich, ousted governor of Illinois and likely soon to be new federal inmate, has had a Saturday morning show on WLS.

WLS has a history of offering disgraced politicos radio shows as not long ago Ed “Fast Eddie” Vrdolyak had a show there, too. Vrdolyak recently pleaded guilty to tax and mail fraud charges. In 1996 Vrdolyak had switched his show to WJJD after WLS dumped him.

And guess what is the one phrase that each and every one of these convicted political crooks have used during their show? That’s right, they are on the radio to “look out for YOU, the people!” That’s right each of them is a man of the PEOPLE, dontcha know? (Well, Betty is a woman for the people, but you know what I mean)

Yep, it’s no wonder that Chicago is a laughing stock. We can’t even do radio without political corruption breaking out.

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  • Cliff Kelley works afternoons.

    Innocent WTH! They are all innocent and framed by the BIG BAD GOVERNMENT! Or, they are all crooks and radio hacks that that don't belong on radio because they 1) don't have talent 2) mostly aren't interesting 3) won't add dirt to political conversation 4) are even more uninteresting because their topics are old and stale and rehashed

  • In reply to thelowedown:

    LOO, all I know is that radio is goin' to the dogs lately!

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    "lately"? for a long time its been going to the dogs. we've been going from down a hill to off a cliff

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    I thought that Betty lacked one qualification it took to get on WVON. However, I guess after doing time in the joint, anyone becomes an honorary member of the hood.

  • In reply to thelowedown:

    For Chicago radio's next embarrassment, how about hiring reality-TV stars? I hear Kate Gosselin is wanting to add to her workload...

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