Call for Sen. Prez Cullerton to Step Down

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last weekend, Senate President John Cullerton (D) got himself in a bit of hot water… or rather his son got him in hot water. As we reported earlier, sonny boy got himself pulled over for drunk driving. That wasn’t the big problem, though. The big problem is that the junior sir drinksalot was driving a state owned SUV that is supposed to be used only for official state business. Yet here was the youngster flying around town, drunk twice past the legal limit, and driving a state owned vehicle.

So, have you had enough of a state government that allows drunken frat boys to use state owned vehicles to do their carousing in when the state is $12 billion in debt and climbing.

Well, the United Republican Fund has started a petition to demand Cullerton resign as Illinois Senate President. If you’re tired of the noblesse oblige assumed by these fat cats, have you say and sign the petition.


Send these arrogant pols a message.


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  • Did I read the news stories correctly that the Cullertons live down the street from the Blagos? Is there some crime virus in the air?

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