Will County GOP Chief 'Doesn't Care' About the Voters

-By Warner Todd Huston

So, thanks to a decision in the 1970s the Republican voters of Illinois are not allowed to vote for their representatives on the GOP State Central Committee (although Ill. Democrat voters DO have that right). The folks that fill the body that guides the agenda and creates and applies to rules of the state party are appointed to their important seats by the elected GOP committeemen throughout the state. Why is that a problem? Let’s look t Will County to answer that question.

On March 7 I wrote about how the Will County GOP Chairman, Dick Kavanagh engineered the defeat of Central Committee candidate Cory Singer. As it happened big cheese Kavanagh didn’t like Singer and wanted his own, handpicked choice to fill the Will County seat on the GOP State Central Committee.

Kavanagh had a major stumbling block to his desire to put his choice, Bobbie Peterson, back on the board. It was this little thing we call “votes.” You see, Cory Singer had about 9,000 of them while Kavanagh’s buddy Peterson nay had 4,000.

So, to get his way, Kavanagh simply decided to steal the election by voting himself for all the committeemen of Will County that didn’t show up to the Party Convention. Presto Chango, Peterson won the “election” to the State Central Committee.

When asked about his illicit finegealing of the “vote” so that his own choice won over the choice of those actually voting, Kavanagh was unapologetic. “I don’t care,” Kavanagh said.

Kavanagh said he has “no regrets” for essentially fixing the election for his hand picked candidate.

This is why we desperately need SB600 to pass so that these arrogant, undemocratic, and decidedly urn-American powermongers can again be shown that they are actually responsible to the voters.

If SB600 passes Illinois Republicans would again be allowed to vote for their own Central Committee members and some of the overweening power that the Combine has could be abated.

(For more discussion on SB600 see Here’s Another Reason Why the Illinois GOP is Useless… or SB600 – – Let People Decide)

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